Brand Research & Strategy

Your brand is more than your logo, website, and business cards. It’s the sum total of the public perception of your company and your values. Brand  self-awareness is a prerequisite to a meaningful marketing campaign and communication strategy.

Digital Marketing

The traditional TV-Radio-Print marketing tripod has changed. Marketing channels and tracking tools are emerging at a mind boggling pace. As we experience these changes, understanding context is paramount to a successful campaign.

Website Analytics

The brilliance of online marketing is that it helps generate an signficant amount of granular data. This data allows us to measure and evaluate the accuracy of our strategic assumptions and enable real-time modifications

Marketing Research

Marketing Research

Consumer expectations about how they want to be marketed and communicated to has changed, in-depth marketing research helps us understand how to leverage that.

Digital Advertising

Digital Advertising

Creating accurate customer profiles and pairing them with carefully crafted messaging can create marketing campaigns of unprecedented effectiveness.



A communication strategy comprises of actionable steps and recommendations that will guide your marketing efforts in the desirable direction.

Print Materials

Print Materials

The power of print materials is a significant touch point with how consumers will perceive your brand cohesion.

Website Development

Website Development

Through website analytics we can make informed decisions about how to make incremental improvements to your website design and development.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Your brand is more than your logo, website, and business cards. It’s the sum total of the public perception of your company and offerings.


Colin Basran

In order to structure the necessary brand-recognition for Colin, we researched the science of first impressions and emotional anchors.  We knew that Colin’s interactions with most people on the campaign trail had to be brief, so we developed an effective strategy to optimize each interaction with key messaging.  By helping Colin Basran connect with voters on a deeper level, he became the youngest mayor in Kelowna’s history in a landslide 21-point victory.

Liberal MP

Stephen Fuhr

Transforming what is considered one of the safest Conservative ridings in the country proved to be extremely challenging but unbelievably rewarding.  The success of this campaign can be attributed to hard work, intelligent integration of existing scientific research, executing and managing the marketing budget, but most importantly, Stephen Fuhr’s decision to trust our method.

Kelowna Realtor

Jesse East

What are the primary emotions associated with a home buying experience? We helped Jesse recognize those core emotions and developed a strategy around those principles. By strategically selecting specific words, colours and imagery, we crafted Jesse East’s print collateral, website, dress code and presentation which helped Jesse become the #1 local Remax realtor in 2016.

Funeral Home

Springfield Funeral Home

 “Death” is an extremely complex concept that entails many conflicting emotions. Our work with Springfield Funeral Home had to extend beyond traditional research and focus on subtle, deeper, more meaningful roles that a funeral home can fill in our lives.  As a result of our uniquely structured study, Springfield’s new communication strategy delivers a genuine sense of connection to the brand.

Kelowna Developer


Most branding efforts are preoccupied with manufacturing perception. Creation of personality and a story worth telling. But in some cases, all you have to do is allow the brand express its own tale. Our primary objective with Worman was to allow his sophisticated personality shine through his work. Worman‘s distinct vision and style provided the building blocks for a beautiful digital presentation that focuses on attention to detail and architectural excellence.

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